Mark's TV debut was in September 1960 in VAL PARNELL'S STARTIME and in a tour of Australia in 1961 he had his own hour long TV spectacular, EXCLUSIVELY YOURS. Filmed in Melbourne. Among Mark's guests on the GTV show were the Allen Brothers – one of whom later became a highly successful singer-songwriter, Peter  Allen, Patsy Ann Noble and Australia's own Col Joye.
The big screen beckoned the following year and Mark took the lead in JUST FOR FUN. Promoted as “The big teen musical made just for you,” JUST FOR FUN is set in a mythical county, not unlike Britain, that is approaching a General Election. The two main parties are worried about the chances of gaining a majority and agree to give teenagers the vote. Mark celebrates this news by singing ‘Vote For Me' [picture below] and decides to form his own political party [picture below] whose aims are strictly ‘Just For Fun.' Mark's girlfriend, Cherry, who thinks he is neglecting her for politics is reassured as he sings ‘Happy With You.'

Mark's illustrious co-stars included Dick Emery, Irene Handl, Hugh Lloyd, Jeremy Lloyd, Richard Vernon, Reginald Beckwith, Harry Fowler and Frank Williams. Cinematography was by Nicolas Roeg who later graduated to great acclaim as a feature director.

Pop was represented by DJ's Alan Freeman and David Jacobs with performances by Joe Brown, Bobby Vee and the Crickets, Kenny Lynch, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, Clodagh Rodgers, The Tornadoes, and the Springfields [including Dusty].

So popular was Mark in his film debut that a further film JUST FOR YOU was made. Mark is seen with Diana Dors taking delivery of his first car – an Austin Healey Sprite. This period also encompassed THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS and two appearances on ITV's BIG NIGHT OUT, first with Kathy Kirby and secondly with Kenneth More. Mark then had his own six part TV series CALL IN ON WYNTER.

just for fun
just for you
1968 presented yet another new opportunity in a movie horror flick, THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR, something of a cult film today and the recipient of Mark's favourite review - 'Mark Wynter died wonderfully'.

Two more films followed: RED (as a troubadour, pictured below) and THE JEALOUS MIRROR


From late 1979 until 1983 television provided the role of Story Teller and Presenter in two long running series for Granada – firstly ONCE UPON A TIME with Mark and artists from the Black Theatre of Prague. This series was followed by SOUNDS LIKE A STORY in which Mark was asked to write his own short songs that he would perform unaccompanied.

Other television work numbers A TALE OF TWO RIVERS, ACCORDING TO DORA, [Mark and Dora pictured above right], A TRIBUTE TO TERENCE RATTIGAN, CEDAR TREE, SALLY ANN. and most recently Mark has played ‘Peter Young' in the BBC series DOCTORS.

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